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The Society now has plans for the redevelopment of the Showground. Fully realised, this could be the biggest development in southern Tasmania apart from the Royal Hobart Hospital.


With STAGE 1 now complete and STAGE 2 underway, the society is planning for STAGE 3. The Showground covers an area which is several city blocks in size, and re-developed, it could include a completely new Showground precinct, a major new visitor centre, an emergency centre for people and animals in times of natural disaster, and housing. It would be virtually a new suburb within the northern suburbs.


One of Australia’s most preeminent architects has been appointed to turn the Society’s plans into working concepts, while a project facilitator, New Insights Australia, is facilitating the project on behalf of the Board of the Society.


This transformation of the Showground is planned to proceed in several stages, and the Society is talking to all levels of government about the scope and funding of the project. One element is a new Showground pavilion, which will cost in the order of $25 million. But depending on the funding support received from government and other bodies for the rest of the project, the entire undertaking could cost up to $200 million.


The full project would cover an area equivalent to several city blocks and would transform Hobart’s northern suburbs.

The Showground Master Plan - the sale of Showground land where Bunnings is located - is complete. This gave the Society the financial flexibility to consider the future use of the underutilised Showground.



The Spotlight and Anaconda development is now complete! with stage 3 underway very soon!



The new Master Plan for the 12-ha site and a new Show Pavilion is about to commence!

In the architect’s own words:

"The Society’s transition development panel wanted – not just a site for annual events at the Showground – but a precinct that would become ‘a part of town’, “They want us to deliver a place for communities to live, cultivate, celebrate, trade, learn, eat and visit throughout the year. It needs to be an exemplary project that encourages new standards and new insights. It’s a great time to re imagine Hobart Showground. The site allows a very comprehensive approach. Since it is the size of several city blocks a contribution can be made on behalf of the wider community.”

- Timothy Hill, Partners Hill.


Renewal render.JPG
  • Secures the future of the Society

  • Secures the future of the Royal Hobart Show, which is the oldest Royal Agricultural Show in Australia

  • Turns an under-utilised showground into a vibrant community asset

  • Retains space for community clubs, sports and activities

  • Provides Hobart with a crisis refuge for people and animals in times of civil disruption

  • such as bushfires

  • Provides significant relief to Hobart’s affordable housing crisis

  • Increased community utilisation of the Showground

  • ESD - Ecological Sustainable Design – principles mean the precinct will be set in an

  • area which is more than 40% dedicated to green space.

  • Not a project driven by commercial developers, but a project by a community

  • organisation that delivers community benefits

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