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rast constitution

A special meeting of members of the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania has approved an updated Constitution for the organistion.

The RAST owns the Hobart Showground and undertakes multiple events and activities, including the Royal Hobart Show.

The Society sought advice from legal and corporate experts on how best to make the constitution support the Board as it prepares to deal with complex issues surrounding the proposed redevelopment of the Hobart Showground. At the same time, the amended Constitution provides a frame work to support best practice in modern governance of day to day activities.

The amended Constitution means the governance of the Society now has a foundation embedded in modern law. It also preserves the Society’s key traditional roles within the community: encouraging food and wine production excellence, and promoting the vital Tasmanian agricultural sector and its role in the everyday lives of Tasmanians.

The amended Constitution strengthens directorship of the Board in several ways. Potential new directors should have served in a Board position for a minimum of two years in a similar or larger organisation. The Constitution also allows for three direct appointments to the nine member Board based on the proven skills they may bring to the Board.

For the first time in the nearly 200 years of the Society, the Constitution now introduces the concept of remuneration for the tasks carried out by directors, and establishes a Board position of Society Treasurer.

“The previous Constitution had not been updated in several decades.” Said Scott Gadd, CEO of the Society. “As we look to the future,the projected growth of the Society through the proposed Showground redevelopment made it clear that a more contemporary Constitution was required to deal with the complex issues surrounding the redevelopment, as well as governing the organisation through its many other activities.

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