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Organising the 2022 Royal Hobart Show involved much hard work, considerably more resourcing than normal, and a lot of challenges. Instead of one central venue for the Show, we had to organise five! But the event proved to be successful, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


The three day Show centered on the Hobart Regatta Ground, with break out events at Hobart City Hall, the Showground, the Coal River Valley Equestrian Centre, and the Campbell Town Showground.

The three day Show commenced with the traditional Thursday public holiday. The Society was greatly honoured when the Governor General flew into Hobart from Canberra especially to open the Show.


While official attendance numbers are still being reconciled, the Society estimates upwards of 35,000 people attended the Regatta Ground component of the Show over the first two glorious days of good weather. This doesn’t include people attending other venues.

The combined Thursday and Friday crowds were probably the best at the Show in at least a decade.

There were the usual pre-Show hiccups and one of our most popular entertainment acts, Noah’s Racing Pigs, nearly didn’t make it from Queensland. The wet spell in the lead up to the Show caused rivers to rise and forced the TT-Line to cease operations at Devonport. Noah’s Racing Pigs appeared to be stranded in Melbourne, but a very helpful TT-Line ensured they made the Show just in time. Our thanks for the efforts of TT-Line management.

Public feedback was highly positive, and this was reflected on TV news coverage with one young showgoer calling it: “the best day ever.”

Show Recap..


2022 Photos..

Poultry, Canaries and Cavies - July 2022
Beef Cattle- October 2022 - Hobart Showgrounds
Equestrian -  October 2022 - Coal Valley Equestrian Centre
 Youth Art and Art on Show Presentation-  October 2022 - City Hall Hobart
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