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Attention All staff, contractors, commercial exhibitors and volunteers!

It is our legal responsibility that you are familiar with safety regulations whilst on site during the Royal Hobart Show. For this reason, you are all required to complete an online safety induction. On completion of this, you must print your completion screen or email and carry this on your person at all times.


More information about the safety induction:

> The safety induction portal is hosted by Survey Monkey and is compatible with all devices.

> Use the above link to first access the safety induction information document (this must be read prior to completing the induction quiz)  and then click on the induction quiz button to complete the quiz.  RAST Management will have access to all responses to the induction and you must score a minimum of 9/10 to pass. 


> Your completion confirmation must then be printed out, signed and carried with you at all times whilst onsite for the event. We encourage your staff and stakeholders to complete this process early to ensure that they have no issue with accessing the venue during the event.

>Hi visibility vests must be worn during the move in and out phases of the event and a copy of your completion confirmation must be available when requested or access to the venue may be denied until the issue is rectified. This may be in physical or digital form. 

Should you experience any issues or need assistance please email : or

We thank you all for attending to this important event safety process.

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