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Rural Ambassador
Nomination form

Please read the conditions of entry and judging criteria before completing your nomination. 
Entrant details
Entrant Photo
Please provide a photo of yourself by pasting into the box below or emailing it to
This will be used for identification purposes and a public announcement will be made on behalf of the winning applicant. 
Entrant Cover Letter 
Please write/paste your cover letter in the box below or email it to

Your cover letter should include 
1. Information about yourself
2. Involvement in show society/community organisations
Entrant Questionnaire 
Please complete all questions in the box below and label accordingly.
Q1. Do you currently have any involvement in your Show Society? Please include any stewarding and exhibiting experience you have as well as general responsibilities during show. If not, do you see yourself becoming involved in the Royal Hobart Show Society? 

Q2. What agricultural experience do you have? 

Q3. What do you see as your biggest personal achievement? 

Q4. What practical skills do you have? (e.g. harvesting, artificial insemination, farm mechanics etc)

Q5. What are your ambitions/aspirations for the future? 

Q6. Do you currently have any involvement in community organisations? 

Q7. What is your employment history and associated responsibilities? 

Q8. Please provide your educational details (including Vocational/Skills Institute courses). 

Q9. What is the importance of the local show community? 

Q10. What would you like to achieve in your year as Ambassador, if you were chosen as the Royal Hobart Show Rural Ambassador? 

Q11. What do you believe your responsibilities should be as a potential Royal Hobart Show Rural Ambassador?

Q12. How could your selection as the Royal Hobart Show Rural Ambassador assist both yourself and the Royal Hobart Show?

Q13. Do you have any suggestions on how the Royal Hobart Show Society can maintain its present in contemporary society and relevance into the future? 

Q14. Are you available to represent the Royal Hobart Show Society in the Tasmanian State Final at the Scottsdale Show?

Thank you for your nomination and good luck. 

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