Vineyard of

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Vineyard of the year

As you would be aware we would normally have ramped up the Vineyard of the year competition by now.  Unfortunately Wine Tas advised me in late December that they were withdrawing their support due to a lack of available resources to support the competition.  This was disappointing to say the least as I had met with them the previous year and agreed to make several changes to accommodate their requests in an effort to forge, what I believed was going to be, a longer term relationship.


We also lost Fred Peacock last year due to his (legitimate) concerns that he was likely to have a conflict of interest given the number of vineyards he is now involved in.  This has meant we have lost a considerable amount of technical expertise from the judging panel.


Frank Walker and I have been discussing what this all means for 2020 and we’ve decided that instead of holding the competition this year we should undertake a review of it with the aim of rejuvenating both the competition and the committee.  As part of the review we intend to conduct a few workshops around the State in May involving vineyard owners and managers to seek their feedback and guidance on moving the competition forward.


I’d like to thank you for your continued support and will keep you posted on the future direction.  I would also value your feedback and will be inviting you to be part of the workshops once they are scheduled.  If you would like to discuss anything please give me a call.



Scott Gadd

Chief Executive Officer

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