The Royal Hobart Online Dressage


Activities at the Showground may have been halted because of COVID-19, but we’re not letting that get in the way of a great equestrian event. Welcome to online dressage.


A large equestrian event, due to be held at the Showground on May 10, was one of the many community activities lost to the COVId-19 restrictions imposed by state and federal authorities. 


The Showground’s Business Development Manager, Sara Faulds, thought laterally and came up with the online event. Entries are open until the end of May, and about 100 entries are expected overall. “The response has been amazing”, says Sara. “We’re attracting competitors who may previously have been shy of showing their skills in the arena in public but find a virtual competition a more comfortable way of taking part.”


Here’s how it works: Entrants display their skills before a video camera, upload it to the Society via email:, and it is then sent to a qualified and experienced judge. The judge – or judges – are still to be appointed, but the virtual dressage competition means anyone in Australia can take part, rather than needing to physically attend the Hobart Showground.


What is dressage? It’s where horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined 


Details on how to enter:

Where do I send my video entry? - You can send your video entry to: along with the following details:

RIDER'S NAME- e.g. Sally Smith.

CONTACT NUMBER- e.g. 62 72 68 12.

HORSE NAME- e.g. Tom.

REGO NUMBER- e.g. 676812.

DRESSAGE TEST- e.g. Novice 2A and/or Preliminary 1B.

How much does it cost to enter? - It costs $15 per entry. 

How do I pay? - You can send payment details with your video entry or alternatively, you can pay over the phone through our office. Ph: 62 72 68 12. Your entry is not through until payment is made.

How do I know my entry has gone through? - You will receive an email when we have received your entry and PAYMENT. Entries will not go through without payment.

How many times can I enter? - You can enter as many tests as you wish as long as you pay the fee for every entry. 

Can I only enter each dressage test once? - Yes, this is correct. One entry per dressage test but you can enter as many different dressage tests as you like. 

When do I need to enter by? - You need to enter your video entry by the end of May at the latest. Judging will be conducted early June.

Are there any rules? - Safety hats and boots are required. No need for jackets, plaiting etc.

When will results be released? - Results will be released soon after judging takes place in early June. Winners will be notified and results put on all social media platforms.

What are the dressage tests? - Please click the 'Dressage Tests' button to see the categories.

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